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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Lord's Favor

(Luke 4: 16-21)
(Isaiah 61: 1-2)

God favored the Hebrew people by sending His Son to walk among them, heal them, and teach them. While on earth Jesus showed compassion to those who He met as well as those who followed Him.

When we read God’s Word, we see His favor extended to the children of Israel as they escape from Egypt. He did the same for Paul on the Damascus road. What about the vision our Father gave John on the island of Patmos?

Do we see God’s favor extended to us today? Yes, we do. Here's a personal example.

A relative recently entrusted me with her house keys while she was a patient in an extended care hospital. She asked me to get three sets of two keys each for myself and two others who she asked to check on things for her. I went to the hardware store near where we live to complete this task. When I told the gentleman what I thought I needed, he looked at the two keys and told me they were two of the same key.

I wasn’t sure. He measured them and told me they measured the same. I thanked the man, telling him I'd be back later after I tested them in her door. I was to meet one of the other women out at our relative’s home at noon.

As I worked with the keys in the front door, I realized the gentleman had told me the truth. I gave thanks to God for that man’s honesty. I also thanked the Lord for placing him on duty at the exact time I needed the help. I marveled that the employee hadn't done as I asked in order to collect more money.

God guided me to that place at that time for a particular reason. I consider His action a sign of God’s favor to me.

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