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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

To Comfort All Who Mourn

(Isaiah 61:2)

People facing trials need to feel comforted. A friend facing the impending death of her husband was at the grocery store when I dropped of a prescription at their pharmacy. When I saw her, I called her name and almost ran to her. We hugged, She then told me what had transpired in the previous two days in regard to her spouse's terminal illness.

All I could do was listen. She spoke of the finances, of the presence of a hospital bed for him, of her son’s new job and how gracious his employers were. As we parted, she said she hoped to be at church on Sunday. I responded with “I hope so.” Then she told me of another woman in our church who attends the early service and then goes to sit with this lady's husband so she can get to church.

Hearing all this had made me see things from a slightly different perspective and has deepened my respect for the ones who comfort people in this way. Our neighbor was the recipient of such comfort when his wife was on hospice. That lady worshiped God on Saturdays. So she was available to sit with those in the program's care so their spouses could worship with others.

Hearing of these saints has given me comfort.


  1. Hi Quiet Spirit -

    I remember when I was going through this with my husband. The kindness of others eased our burden more than the giver could imagine.

    People would sometimes apologize that they couldn't do more or that they could "only pray." We made sure they knew how important they were to us and how much we were blessed.

    Susan :)

  2. Hi, QS,

    I've been out of circulation for a while trying to meet some deadlines. I've missed your thoughtful posts.



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