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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015



“God grant me the serenity to change the things I can; courage to accept the things I can’t and the wisdom to know the difference.” Reinhold Niebuhr

               Accept means to receive. Accept also has a slightly different meaning. It means to believe something to be a reality.

               Some families have a hard time accepting that their loved ones got deployed to the Middle East. Others cannot accept the immature selfish behavior of their chronological adult family members.
               Family members can’t do anything about their loved ones in the military except pray for them and support them through cards, letters and packages. Likewise, none of us can do anything about the actions of those who ‘bug’ us except pray for them, place them in God’s hands, step back and observe.  We can only be of help to anyone if and when they accept their need of our or anyone’s help. Until then, we can only make suggestions.

               As Christians, we learn to accept Jesus into our hearts and lives. We learn to lean on Him for guidance and protection. Sometimes we have to plead the blood of Christ over a circumstance in our lives. But, because we have accepted Him, He will always be there for us.


  1. He is always there, through storms and good times as well. Thanks for the reminder, Cecelia. :)

    1. I am so thankful that He is there for me. I was privvy to a couple of scenes at church this past Sunday that I would rather not have been in. Just this morning, I found a scripture that sheds new light on one of those situations. God is always good and always there for us.

  2. Hi Cecelia! I enjoyed your phrase 'chronological adult members'. Yes, we can have older relatives, but that doesn't mean that they act like they have the wisdom in aging.
    You're so right about offering help. If someone doesn't want it, or want to listen, then nothing I say or do can help. It reminds me of the Scripture about throwing pearls to swine. When they are ready, then change happens.
    Blessings on this Thursday!

    1. Ceil: I have found it to be true that God is the only one who can cause a person to alter his or her behavior. It also is true that the person has to be willing to allow God to work in their circumstance.Blessings to you and yours.


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