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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Every Day


“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
For his compassions, never fail.
They are new every morning;
Great is your faithfulness.”
Lamentations 3:22-23 (NIV)

I first heard these verses as a young adult. I found myself caught by the words. Every time I ran across them, I paused to take in the meaning.

“Because of the Lord’s great love . . .” Sometimes we tend to forget that God loves us.As humans, we can get so involved in our daily lives, and relationships that we tend to become shortsighted and react to what we can see and hear.
               “ . .we are not consumed,” When we learn that God is with us, we realize we do not have to fall into the trap laid by man. We, at any time, can run to God and talk to Him about our circumstance.

               “. . . his compassions never fail.” God always listens with His heart. He never scolds or belittles us for our thoughts. His treatment is always with our best interests, as He sees it, in mind. Sometimes, God has a lesson for us to learn. His ways are always redemptive. 
               “They are new every morning.” Think about this for a minute. God’s graces are new for each of us every day. Just yesterday, I found out that tomorrow I will be released from Occupational Therapy. My time with the OT lady will end. She believes that I have improved so much that we can end our twice-weekly sessions. I am so happy about this. I on believe our attitudes would be better if we woke up each morning expecting God to do something new in our lives.

               “Great is your faithfulness.” God is always faithful, even when we are not. We do not have anyone else in our lives who is always there to hear our praises, our plights, and our prayers. We should always thank Him for His faithfulness. How can we live this passage before God and others?


  1. Hi Cecelia! Congratulations in graduating from OT! You must have made so much progress, and that takes a lot of work. Good job!
    How can I live this passage? I think for me, it means being thankful. How many times would I have been 'consumed' if not for God? He takes my mistakes and missteps and makes me turn around and get on the right path. That's worth celebrating!
    Happy Tuesday,

    1. Ceil: The OT lady was here for about 10 minutes and filled out her paperwork. She brought me a hand weight of my own. I will have PT tomorrow and Friday. They have me down for four more weeks. In a way, I just wish it was over.

  2. Great Is Thy Faithfulness...One of my favorite hymns..."Morning by morning new mercies I see"...Every day with Jesus is a new adventure as we learn to lean on Him and trust Him to carry us through whatever trials or new experiences come our way. Thank you for these words today. I am so thankful for God's faithfulness to me, even when I am less than faithful. Glad you are making good progress...praying you will soon be back to 100%.

    1. Pam: Thank you for your prayers. Some days, I have little pain and others I have quite a bit. I am unable to sleep (something I go through this time of year.) I decided last night it was because of the pain. You are right when you say Every day with Jesus is a new adventure as we learn to lean on Him and trust Him to carry us through whatever trials or new experiences come our way." Life, when we have Jesus is never dull.


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