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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Strength for the Battle


“You armed me with strength for the battle,” Psalm 18:39a (NIV)

            David sang these words in a song he wrote to God. He was thankful for His saving him from Saul. David had hidden in caves for years in order to escape from Saul and the king’s vow to kill David.

            His LORD has saved David from defeat. The Father does this for each of us even in this 21st Century. God does this in any way he chooses.

1.) By allowing us to take the high road in a circumstance when it appears to be the harder path.
2.) By speaking to us through the scriptures and meditations.
3.) By answering our prayers.

We should never try to manipulate God into doing more for us. When we receive from Him, we are to be humble, accepting, and thankful.

I realize there are times God answers our prayers by withholding that for which we have asked. Sometimes He even answers in a way that is directly opposite of our request. When either of these results comes to us, we have to learn to accept that God has something better in store. We have to trust Him for each outcome.


  1. "I realize there are times God answers our prayers by withholding that for which we have asked."

    Yes! Was just thanking Him for a couple of "No"s in the past! :-D

    1. Sandi: When I returned to the Lord. the church I was in had a hymn they sang sometimes during Wednesday night services. Part of the lyrics spoke of recieving God's blessings but one part went something like this, "Thank you, Lord, for blessings you withhold." I was in my mid 20's and thought it was odd. But I have learned that God does sometimes withhold blessings for a season and for a reason.


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