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Friday, August 5, 2016

On a Pilgrimage


“Blessed are those whose strength is in you,
who have set their hearts on pilgrimage.”
Psalm 84:5 (NIV)

Pilgrimage-- a journey, especially a long one, made to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion: a pilgrimage to Lourdes. (1)

When we learn to rely on the Lord God for our needs, He smiles down and grants us favor— His kindness.

As we grow in the Lord, we learn that we walk with Him and He with us. At times, those paths are straight and the going is easy; we enjoy that time with our Savior.

However, we have times when that walk is uphill, maybe just a slight rise. Then we have step hills, small mountains, to climb. We still keep plodding, not really moving forward but we continue to put one foot in front of the other. We become weary and frustration mounts inside of us.

All at once, the path levels out and we can see our destination ahead. We look back and see that area we have come through. We breathe a prayer of thanks and praise to God and we realize that He gave us the strength for the journey.

As I posted this message, I realized that I have been on a pilgrimage, most of my adult life. I can say that God has guided me through so many of those uphill climbs .I thank him for loving me enough to stay with me during those tough days.

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  1. yes, we ARE on a pilgrimage all of our days...the earthly journey ends at death, and the new journey begins in heaven! What a glorious day that will be!!! So thankful for God's guidance every day of our lives here. Where would we be without Him? (I shudder to think!)

    1. Pam: Thank you for your thoughtful comment. We all are on a journey, even those who aren't heading to be with Jesus. (I shudder to think of those and their destination.)

  2. It is indeed a journey! It helps me to view life that way, considering the big picture and how God sustains us and brings us through. We sang a song in church this morning called, "He Will Hold Me Fast" - that sums it up for me. No matter what, He holds us fast. Thank you for this reminder. Have a great week! :)

    1. Karen: Thank you for your lovely comment. a friend of mine at church and her husband spent over a year dealing with a knee replacement surgery that went awry. They lost over a year of their lives because of dealing with infection and several surgeries. She was the first one who called their walk with Jesus, a journey. When I had my 'time out,' I only had to think of them and that side journey they were on. Blessings on you.


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