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Monday, April 3, 2017

Pilate’s Thoughts in Retrospect

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John 18:28-40

John 19:1-6

         As I looked out onto the street from my balcony, I saw a mob of people heading to my palace. “Oh, no. Here comes a crowd of soldiers with that man Jesus. A lot of the Jews follow Him.”

            They could not enter my palace; if they did the Jewish Law would declare them unclean. Then they would not be able to partake of their Passover Feast.

            I had to go out to them. If I didn’t take care of this properly, my superiors in Rome would send someone to replace me and I would have to go back to Rome, (or worse.)

            These people did not care about this man Jesus. In my conversation with him, he said this was the reason he was born. He said he was a king and he was here to testify to the truth.

            This stunned me, I found myself asking, “What is truth?” I found no reason to charge him. I did not find him guilty of anything of which the crowds accused him.

            I offered to let him go in exchange for another criminal. It was the custom for the governing authorities to release one being held in custody. The crowd said no, they wanted Barabbas, a rebellious thug, freed.

            I had a job to do. If I let Jesus go, it would mean my post. I’d get called back to Rome and would be at my superior’s mercy.

            I had no choice. I ordered this Jesus scourged. The soldiers mocked him and his claim. After they finished with him. I brought him out before the crowd again.

            The moment the chief priests and they scribes saw him, they shouted, “Crucify him. Crucify him.” I declared I found no charge against him—in my sight, he was innocent. I told them they could take him and crucify him themselves. I wanted no part in this.

I intend to continue the conflicted thoughts of Pilate. I plan to use some of my research in a drama for Good Friday 2018. 


  1. I never realized that Pilate may have been worried about his political position; I merely thought he was a wimp. Thanks for writing from his perspective! I bet the drama you are writing will be a blessing to those who view it. Way to go!

    1. Thank you. Jeanette for your thoughts. I am working on two dramas. One possibly for Thanksgiving and the other for next Good Friday. Blessings on you and yours.


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