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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Interview with Bartimaeus

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Today, we have with us, Bartimaeus.

Quiet Spirit: Welcome Bartimaeus. I am glad you could join us today.

Bartimaeus: Thank you.
Q. S.: Let’s get started. Could you please tell us about your background?
            I lived in Jericho, a short way from the Mount of Olives. I was among the poorest of the poor; my blindness reduced me to begging. Although the Law told the hale and hearty ones to care for those of us who were impaired, it didn’t work that way.

Q.S.: How did you encounter Jesus?

Bartimaeus: One day, I sat along the road leading out of Jericho. I heard a commotion that got louder and louder. I asked the people around me what was happening. They told me, “Jesus is passing by!”
            I had heard of this Jesus. Stories of the miracles He performed were on everyone’s lips. From the time I was a small lad I heard of the promised Messiah. I had learned He would be a descendent of King David. That day when I was told that Jesus was going past, I believed He was the Messiah, the true Son of David.
            I felt I had to call out to Him. Those around me told me to be quiet, that he had other places to be and other people to meet. I yelled all the louder and got His attention. He asked me, “What do you want me to do for you?” I responded, “Rabbi, I want to see.” He told me my faith had healed me.

Q.S.: How did the people of Jericho respond to you after your encounter with Jesus?

Bartimaeus: My friends were happy for me. Those of the privileged class mocked me. The others, mostly those who didn’t like Jesus, were cynical. They thought my eyesight would go away again. Those who mocked me and those who were cynical believed I was cursed by God for my sins.

Q.S.: How do you feel about what Jesus did for you?

Bartimaeus: I am thankful for Jesus taking the time to come to me and for restoring my sight. Because of what He did, I am able to see the sun and the trees and the plants. I can see the smiles on children’s faces. For these small things, I am eternally thankful. I was able to follow Him.


  1. Blind Bartimaeus...what a great story! So glad we have these real live stories from history to tell us about these wonderful miracles that Jesus did...and to give us hope in our own circumstances in life. Jesus never changes...and He's still in the miracle working business today. We just need to have faith to believe and His will will be done. Thank you.

    1. Pam: I love the story of Bartimaeus. It is comforting to me to know that Jesus showed him compassion when those around him tried to discourage him to call out to Jesus.

  2. Hi Cecelia! What a fun way to imagine the life of Bartimaeus! I love this idea of 'interviewing' him. I can't imagine how miraculous it was to have sight restored in an instant... He could truly start following Jesus, both literally and figuratively!

    1. Ceil: Thank you for your thoughts. My format here is similar to the format of the play I have written. We hope to be able to present this play either in late October or early November.The title of the play is "Thankfulness."


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