Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Interview with Jairus

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Another interview with someone who had an encounter with Jesus.

Quiet Spirit: Today, we have with us Jairus, a Synagogue official. Welcome, Jairus.Could you please share with us your story about your encounter with Jesus.

Jairus:  Thank you. I was a ruler of our Synagogue in Capernaum. In my work there, I looked after the building, ran the school through the week, supervised the worship services, and found Rabbis to teach on our Sabbath days. My life was blessed by God; I had a wonderful wife and a beautiful daughter.

Q.S.: How did you meet Jesus?

Jairus: I first met Jesus when I engaged Him to preach in our Synagogue one Sabbath. His message set me to thinking. Could what He preached be true? Several of the priests and scribes were not pleased with Jesus’ words.

            Later, when my daughter fell ill. I sought Jesus out, I heard He was in our town againI sought Him out. I fell at His feet and begged Him to heal my daughter. As I spoke to Him, two of my servants approached me with the message that she had died. I became confused, fear overcame me. In that instant, I lost hope. The Teacher spoke words of comfort to me. He said words I have not forgotten, “Don’t be afraid, just believe.”

            Jesus accompanied my servants and me to my home. By the time we arrived, a large group of mourners was there. They cried and wailed so loudly, I couldn’t hear The Teacher’s words to my wife and me. He told them that our child was not dead, just asleep. I am afraid those people acted rudely to Him. In spite of their rudeness, Jesus restored our daughter’s life.

Q. S.: How did the community of Capernaum react to you after your encounter with the Lord?

Jairus: The merchants of our town gave us better service. They were friendlier to our servants and to our family. Those associated with the Synagogue treated me differently than before; they were more distant, less friendly. Jesus chose to move to Capernaum, allowing those in the Synagogue to witness His miracles and hear His preaching more often. I am sorry to say that not all the town’s people accepted Him for who He is. There were some who did but they had difficulties dealing with the Pharisees and the Sadducees.

Q. S.: How has your experience with Jesus affected your life?

Jairus: My experience with Jesus gave me a new outlook on life. I learned not to take anything for granted; I also learned to treasure my family and my friends.

Q. S.: How do you feel about what Jesus did for you?

Jairus: I am thankful for Jesus’s presence in our town. I am thankful for meeting Him and, especially for His returning our daughter to us. I will forever be thankful to Him for what He did for us.


  1. Jairus was a wonderful example of humility and faith. It is one of my favorite stories of how Jesus answered this man's faith and prayers. Thank you for reminding us of this story today. It is a blessing to me.

    1. Pam: Thank you for your thoughts. I pray this will be a hope and a witness to others. Peace be with you and yours.


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