Friday, April 14, 2017

“I Have Seen the Lord.”

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Thoughts of Mary Magdalene:

            I returned to the tomb. I couldn’t keep from crying. I wanted to know what the soldiers, or whoever took my Master’s body, did with it.

            After Peter and John departed, I sat at the entrance and sobbed all the harder. Then, I heard a voice ask me why I was crying and who I was looking for.

            I thought it was the gardener. I inquired about the Master’s body—where had they taken it? Then, I heard my name. I looked up and saw Jesus. No one knows the relief I felt. All I could do was call out his name, the name I thought of his as. “Rabboni!

            He talked to me. He asked me to deliver a message to the disciples. I departed to find the disciples to share the wondrous news, "I have seen the Lord!

            Mary went from somber sadness to ecstatic joy. Can we identify with her as we enter into the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection?

       I will be taking a short break from blogging. I will be back on April 24. Hubby and I are going to do something special while I am unplugged. In the meantime, I wish each of you a very Happy Easter.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Peter, John, and Mary Magdalene

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            John and I saw Mary Magdalene as she ran toward us. I wondered why she hurried so.

            “They have moved the Master’s body and I don’t know what they did with him.”

            John and I took off running toward the tomb. John outran me and arrived there first. Later, he told me, he hesitated at the door. He didn’t want to enter such a personal place.

            I came to the tomb a moment later. I had to see for myself. I brushed past John and entered the tomb. Mary was right. I saw the linen strips lying there. The burial cloth for His head was folded neatly and lying separately from the other pieces. Then John came in. He looked around, as he looked around the tomb, his expression changed.  He told me as we headed back to the city that, when he saw the clothes, he believed what Jesus had told us was true.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Joseph of Arimethea

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            I watched as the Roman soldiers took down His body from the cross. The Sabbath drew closer. I sought permission to receive his body. They were going to lay Him on a pile of decaying bones, the remains of others who went through crucifixions. I had to save Him from that despicable end.

            Recently, I, in preparation for my own departure from this world, I had my tomb dug. It only seemed right that Jesus be laid to rest in a tomb rather than on top of a pile of rotting bones. So, I asked for Jesus ’body and placed Him in my tomb.

            Nicodemus, a colleague of mine, purchased a huge quantity of burial spices, 75 pounds in all. He prepared Jesus’ body until the Sabbath began.

             Both Nicodemus and I had been convinced of who Jesus was, however, because we were both members of the Sanhedrin, we had to refrain from saying anything about how we felt about Him. Watching the travesties done to Him pierced my heart until I had to speak for the Master.

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