Monday, January 29, 2018

Amazed At God's Presence

Yesterday, at church, I discovered a friend of mine was ill. She had been diagnosed with mononucleosis. She is a young looking middle-aged woman. I was concerned due to her age; I had never heard of someone her age having this ailment.

I did some research and learned that anyone who has the Epstein-Barr virus in their system should not have mono again. However, if a person comes down with it again, it is due to a compromised auto-immune system.

Auto-immune diseases include the arthritis family and fibromyalgia. Dealing with various forms of arthritis and fibromyalgia myself, I actually wonder how many auto-immune diseases a person can actually have. (This would have saved me from back-tracking to the restaurants along the way between home and the agent’s office.) I found myself apologizing to God for making such a crazy mistake.

After I finished up at the insurance agent’s, I went to the bank and took care of that business. I decided to go to the Chinese restaurant to the north, near to the insurance office.

As I opened the inner door to the restaurant, I saw my friend’s husband. We greeted each other and I inquired about my friend’s condition. We talked a short while and I excused myself to go order my lunch. When I received my order, I approached him again and told him to “be blessed.” And departed the building.

After I ate my lunch, I called one of my close friends who happens to be a cousin to the lady who is ill. I related what I had found in research and what I found out during this ‘chance’ encounter which we decided was God-ordained.

Yes, I believe that God ordains the times we experience meeting someone ‘by chance’, especially when we pray about a need and then we ‘happen’ to see someone who can help us understand what we have concerns about.
1.   God was in my day: He allowed me to sleep in, although that wasn’t my plan.

2.   God directed me to get busy and do the paperwork to get ready for my outing to the insurance agency and to the bank.

3.   God guided me to the Chinese restaurant to get my lunch. (I actually thought about getting Chicken Mc Nuggets both they could have caused me problems.)

4.   God allowed me to see my friend’s husband. He confirmed what I was thinking about his wife’s condition.

We sang the following hymn at church yesterday. It speaks of God being with us and accepting us as we are. I can truly say that I do stand amazed at His presence with me.


  1. We never know what a day will bring, do we? When our steps are ordered by Him, however, it's all as it should be. Have a blessed week!

  2. Karen: You are so right. It is as it should be. If we allow Him, God is in control.

  3. I do "Stand Amazed In the Presence" of Jesus the Nazarene...and wonder how He could love me, a sinner, condemned, unclean! How Marvelous!! How Wonderful! And my song shall ever be! How Marvelous, How Wonderful! Is my Savior's love for me". One of my favorite hymns...and such a great story of God's leading and guiding your steps each day. Isn't our God amazing???

    1. Pam: This is such an amazing hymn. I love the old hymns as well as the new praise songs. God's message comes through to me in both types of His music.

  4. That's so cool of God to have you meet the husband of the very lady you were concerned about. He's good like that.

  5. Thank you, Jeanette. I always marvel at God's actions when He works like that in my life. Blessings and Peace to you and yours.


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