Tuesday, January 5, 2021

New Mercies




Because of the LORD’S great love we

are not consumed

for his compassions never fail.

they are new every morning;

great is your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22-23 (NIV)


What is Jeremiah telling us in this passage?


We know we live in a world that is upended by strife and dissension. However, we have a God who loves us, protects us, and stands with us as we go through our daily lives.


Because of the LORD’S great love, we are not consumed,


God loves each of us as if we were the only person in this world. His desire is to keep His children safe. 


For his compassions never fail.


God’s love and grace always come through each time we request His help for any circumstance we find ourselves or our loved ones.


They are new every morning.


On each dawning day, God brings to His children many blessings. Some of these come in the form of blessings. We have so very much to be thankful for. Jeremiah tells us there are many of these mercies. Each day we must be mindful of each of God’s compassions to us.


great is your faithfulness.


Yes, God is always faithful to us. I find it especially comforting that He exercises this attribute even when we are not. Sometimes, I get bogged down in my own issues and forget that God is in control. He waits for me to get it through my head that He is beside me, ready to guide me through the problem.


Please think about how often God has been faithful to you, even when maybe you were not.


  1. I love these two verses! I read a devotional today that told about a lady who woke up every morning and said, "Good morning, Lord! What wonderful blessings do you have in mind for us today?" That was a fine example to me to expect God's mercy.

  2. Jeanette: I read the same devotion. I marked it as something I want to incorporate into my daily habits. Peace and blessings.

  3. "God is always faithful to us. I find it especially comforting that He exercises this attribute even when we are not." Yes, this is the whole point of the gospel, of grace, of God's love and kindness... He is good, even when we are not. Amen, thank you Cecelia.

    1. Marja: I believe if His children even tried to be faithful, God would extend more mercies to them. It is a dark time here in the USA. We have to remain true to God in order to receive His mercies.

  4. I love these verses, and the hymn that is inspired by it: Great Is Thy Faithfulness. Good thoughts to remember during these turbulent times. Our God is faithful no matter what the storms of life may bring our way. His mercies do not fail. We can rely on God's faithfulness. Praise God!! I needed that reminder today.

    1. Pam: We all need to remember that God is in control, no matter how things look to us. We can only see the small picture while He sees the big picture.


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