Tuesday, December 7, 2021

November Reflections




 Being Thankful


In early November, it was my turn to help host the women’s circle at church. Remembering a service we had at a former church on the night before Thanksgiving. I chose the lesson, “Five Kernels of Corn.” Thankful for All Things. I also found a poem .Five Kernels of Corn Poem As a reminder of the story, I made up little plastic bags that contained five grains of corn and set them at each woman’s place. I shared the lesson with a friend who now goes to another church. She incorporated the story into her lesson for the Sunday school class she teaches. Also, my best friend who was at the circle meeting called me and asked me if I was planning on using it again soon. She needed something for a lesson for her time teaching the children at our church.


Doing a Friend a Favor


Our Sunday school facilitator has a mobility problem that she is trying to address. She and her husband ordered two stand-up walkers that were not what they expected. I had a rollator walker (with a seat) in our yard barn. When I heard of her plight with the two they ordered, I remembered the one we had. I took it over to her. As I was returning home, I felt blessed to be able to do something for them.


 The Fruit of the Spirit

I am making progress in my journaling on the fruit of the Spirit. Just before the middle of the month, I started reading and journaling on goodness. The day after Thanksgiving, I started on gentleness. I intend to finish journaling the one on self-control before the new year. I have a few more to do on gentleness. The self-control ones should be interesting.


 Blessings I Received


This past month, I received special blessings. One was an email from a fellow blogger that I had not heard from before. Another a comment from a blogger who lives in India. I reached out to the author of the book, Beauty Of An Uncluttered Soul. She responded. I checked out her website and found some spiritual helps. I had told her what I was doing with the related scriptures in the book. She asked me for the web address for my blog.


 Booster Shots


Due to health considerations, my husband and I received our COVID-19 shots earlier in the year. The first place I contacted for our boosters was closed. I made online contact with our county’s health department and had no trouble with the process. We went at our appointed times and had a short wait. several children were there receiving their shots.


 A Surprise Blessing


My husband went to the grocery store one Sunday. He was in the check-out line. His bill came to a rather sizable amount. He had most of the money in his hand. As he reached for his wallet, he heard a voice behind him say, “I’ve got this.” He tried to tell the youngish woman that he could manage it. She responded, “I can, too.” The checkout person wondered from whom he would receive the money. The youngish woman, someone Hubby did not know, told the young man to add the entire amount to her bill.


Sickness in our Home

The day after Thanksgiving, Hubby was not feeling well. He was down the entire week. Flulike symptoms and some mobility problems. On that Thursday, I was scheduled to go to our women’s circle Christmas Luncheon. I chose not to attend because there were some women planning on being there that are in their 90’s and I didn’t want to carry anything to them.


Getting Ready for Christmas

Due to Hubby being ill, I have done very little decorating for Christmas. My little Christmas tree is still in storage. I have a few things done. I gift-bag wrapped some things I had purchased earlier. I intend to get a bit of reorganizing done here in my computer/writing room.


  1. I am very sorry to hear that your hubby has not been feeling well. Praying that he will soon recover. I wish I could come and help you get your Christmas things out and ready, but then again, I've had to have help this year too, so I understand how that feels. Thankfully I've got young and healthy sons close by to help when we need it. I am sorry you missed your Ladies' Christmas luncheon, but you did the right thing. Ours is tomorrow. I am trying to figure out what to take for the luncheon, which is a pot-luck finger food type luncheon. Thank you for helping the lady with the walker you had. A friend of mine also bought one of those stand up new kind of walkers, and she was not happy with it either, so it went back and she uses her smaller one with the little seat. She is able to play the piano for church and sing in the choir with us when we have recorded background music she doesn't have to play. God helps her to stay active and busy even with her limitations. She is a good example for me to follow. I am thankful to still have good mobility, even if I do have aches and pains. But at this stage in life, we all have them, don't we? Thanking God for how He blesses us even in our "old age". TAke care and please continue your writing. Praying now for your hubby to get well soon.

  2. Pam: Thank you for your warm thoughts. Still not getting out much. I have a list for when I do get to go out. Jim has discovered he likes on-line shopping. He doesn't like computers; guess who ordered her Christmas presents. Peace and blessings to you.

  3. Great article and planning. Stay happpy. I followed your blog now. Thx

    1. Thank you for your warm comments. Please be free to visit here whenever you have the opportunity. Peace and blessings.

  4. Oh Cecelia, I must have missed your November update. Sorry to hear your husband wasn't well, hope he is doing better now! Maybe you can still decorate... a bit :)

    1. Marja: I have decorated a little bit. I need to finish moving things around so the house will look "presentable." Jim was sick for 10 days (his accounting). Neither son Roger nor I got it. Peace and blessings to you and yours.


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