Thursday, August 18, 2022

He Rewards Faithfulness


But, without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6 (NKJV)

When we go before the LORD, we must believe He is who He says He is. The writer of Hebrews tell us without our believing in Him we cannot please Him. When we go before His throne, there are certain things we must believe:

* He will listen to our pleas.

       If our hearts are in tune with Him.

* He will answer our requests.

      In the way that is best for us and His plan.

* He will reward us for our efforts.

      His rewards may be a lightness of heart.

      He may give us new insight into a concern or a problem.

However, we must concentrate on Him while we seek His guidance.

But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.“ Matthew 6:6 (NKJV)

Sometimes, we can follow Matthew 6:6 when we are in a crowd. Other times we can do obey this scripture by physically removing ourselves from the circumstance that needs our prayer.


  1. Thank you so much! Good words. Also the closing words, the last sentence. God bless you.

  2. Aritha: So nice to hear from you. You are welcome. God has been helping me through some times that I have not ever been through before. (Follow up on health issues.) Peace and blessings to you and yours.

  3. "Faith is the victory that overcomes the world"! Without faith we would have no victory over this world of sorrow and sin and pain. But when we walk in faith, trusting in God for our every breath, we are better able to focus on Christ and take our eyes off of the world and live in peace. Sometimes it is easier said than done, especially in those wee hours of the night when we can't sleep. But with God all things are possible!!!

  4. Pam: At church last Sunday, a lady who lost her son in January told me that her faith was getting her through this difficult time. We must trust God for all we have and all we are. You are right when you said we have to get our eyes off the world and live as He wants us to live. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

  5. I was contemplating on faith recently Cecelia, when Jesus is wondering whether He will find faith when He comes back, which means people who are pleasing Him! Good post, thanks.

  6. Marja: I have often wondered how Jesus would feel when He returns and does not find any faith in the world. I pray that all His people would see that faith in Him is very important. Peace and blessings to you and yours.


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