Friday, September 29, 2023

How a Friend Sees Forgiveness. Part Two


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This entry is the second part of the One Word Assignment for August.

What does my word mean to you?

Forgiveness means to let go and forget the “trespasses”.

What do you think is the opposite of my word?

If I don’t forgive others the pain and guilt are more of a burden on me than on them.

Do you think about this word rarely or often?


Where does this word pop up in your everyday life?

In my thoughts.

Can you give me suggestions for better experiencing or practicing this word?

Driving on the roads. Being patient with working/talking with customer service people that being patient and forget when they are busy.

This friend recently had a wreck and totaled her car. The day I asked her these questions was the day she found out she could get her new car.


  1. Like you, I think about forgiveness on a daily basis, Cecelia. It's such a gift to have been given forgiveness and to, in turn, forgive others.

    1. Martha Jane: This word has been the best "word of the year" for me. I have learned a lot about it and about me. Peace and blessings to you and yours.


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