Friday, July 12, 2013

Book Review- Sapphire Ice, Greater than Rubies by Hallee Bridgeman


Sapphire Ice
Robin Bartlett grew up under the harshest conditions imaginable. At eighteen, she started working as a server in a club. She also worked nights at a tavern connected to a restaurant. She kept this pace six days a week, to put her two younger sisters, Maxine and Sarah, through college. But, someone enters her live who appears to be everything she is not. Will this work out as she wants or as he wants?
Hallee Bridgeman has written a delightful Christian romance story. In it we meet a young woman who is trying to survive her past. She made a vow to not be dependent on any man. She works long hours to insure that her two younger sisters have the skills and education to be also not be dependent on a man.
This novel, the first of the Jewel trilogy, lets us see Robin as she changes her heart as she comes to know Antonio “Tony” Viscolli. Tony introduces Robin to his Lord and to his friends. Someone from Robin’s and her sister’s forgotten past enters their lives.

Greater than Rubies
Robin Bartlett plans her wedding. But she has qualms that she might not be good enough to be Tony’s wife. Her long-absent father has found the Lord and is awaiting a court date to do the right thing about what happened a long time ago. She gets nightmares that terrify her. Tony patiently waits while Robin decides that she wants to marry him.
Greater than Rubies shows the anxiety of a young woman who sees what lies ahead for her and is scared of how she will be perceived by others. A reporter from one of the newspapers wreaks havoc in his first interview with her. This adds to her angst about not feeling good enough to marry Tony.
Hallee Bridgeman writes this novella with a surprise in the ending that seems to come out of nowhere. I believe that anyone who likes Christian Romance stories will enjoy these two stories.
These two stories are a part of the Jewel Trilogy. Greater that Rubies is a novella inspired by the trilogy.

Disclaimer: I was given this book by the author, through The Book Club Network. All I was asked to do was read the two stories and give an unbiased review.

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