Friday, August 13, 2021

July Reflections


House of Doolittle 

I know this is almost the middle of August. After I got my printer to work as it should. I discovered that the battery in my laptop had stopped working. I ordered a new one. Before it came, my laptop had an issue. The hard drive died. I just got the laptop back today. I will talk about that experience in my August Reflections.



July saw me getting more writing done. I returned to a piece about the Apostle Paul. I spent time editing it and posted it to a Christian writing forum. One of the responses told me I needed to re-word one part of it. I had used a 19th century word in it. Another response told me she liked the story about “Salve”. I had to explain to her that salve was a Latin word for “Greetings”. I was able to spend some time on my porch and write on my portable word processor. I can only do that when the temperature in in the 70s.


Again, I am searching for an outlet for my writing work.


 Rain, Rain, Go Away

We had rain most weekends. Due to the rains, our son did not come home until he was on vacation the last week of the month. He had tried to come home four different times in July.


On the 4th of July, our church had one service followed by a picnic. A lot of people attended. Some of those in attendance were people I had not seen since COVID began. (It did not rain. We have a pavilion where we met.)


 Electronics and Me


Sometime late in June or early in July, my printer quit working. I ordered one online. It came on a Friday.


Hubby and I got it physically set up. I spent the rest of the night and parts of several days trying to get it hooked up.

Altogether it took me five hours on the phone over a period of six days to get my printer and my laptop to like each other. (Friday through Wednesday.) I had a new book come in the mail on Saturday. Sunday was a day of rest for me; I was determined not to get myself worked up. So, I read and finished that book.

Can someone please explain to me why they make it so difficult to set up? Don’t they realize that the whole world is not made up of IT people?


Gifts for some Friend

I found something online that I wanted to get for our Children’s Ministries Director. It has turned into another project. I started it on a Wednesday, had to get some supplies on Thursday, had to get some more supplies and finished it on Saturday. I was not able to get to church that Sunday. I was under the weather.


I must find time to start on my wreath project and get it in the mail soon. I managed to get the wreath base spray painted. Had to wait until the weather cooled down. I have decided to do it with fall flowers. That means I get to go to Hobby Lobby again and select flowers.


Sprucing Up My Writing Room


Toward the end of July, I started the daunting project of cleaning my Computer/Writing Room. I found some of my writings from as early as 1998. I revised one and posted it. here. I have a way to go, long story, I may have to part with some of my books before I am through with this project.


Baking Again

Our grocery store has not had the cranberry celebration salad I use for quite some time. Jim brought home fresh blueberries instead.  On the weekend Roger was home, I baked a batch of muffins on Friday morning. They were gone before sundown. On Sunday, August 1, I baked another batch of muffins. I had to act mean for Jim to leave me a couple for breakfast the next day.


  1. Sounds like you had a very busy month! I know these tech issues are difficult for us amateurs to figure out, and sometimes talking on the phone with support isn't that easy either...they often are so hard to understand. But I am glad you finally got it all up and running again and now maybe you can relax and enjoy writing once again! Now you have me wanting some muffins...were they blueberry? And tell me about the cranberry celebration that a gelatin salad with cranberries, pineapple, nuts, etc.? I make that at Christmas and Thanksgiving quite often. I hope you have a wonderful month of August, even if it is half over! Bye bye for now. It was good to hear from you again.

    1. Pam: It took me a while to get my computer connected to our Wi-Fi system. (Had to talk to three different people.) Th temperature cooled down up here, so Jim asked me to make some blueberry muffins this morning. The cranberry celebration salad is a deli item at our local Kroger outlet. (I don't know if there are any near you.) Peace and blessings to you.


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